I’m Jay, Let’s Play is a story of celebration that reflects Beth Reichmuth’s extensive knowledge of gender identity, young children, preschools, and the joy of play. In Jay’s world, happiness comes from the satisfaction of being comfortable with who you are, collaborating to solve problems, helping out your friends, and always being up for a good party.   Nomy Lamm’s colorful, elaborate illustrations evoke the magical world of childhood and play. Both the story and illustrations have treasures to reveal after a second, third, and fourth reading. Will child readers wonder as they read who’s a boy and who’s a girl? Perhaps. More likely, they will wonder if the children will get in trouble for the sound and mess the blocks make as they fall. But, in Jay’s world, adults understand what children need and don’t need from adults. Perhaps if we read I’m Jay, Let’s Play enough times, we will learn as well.  Then, we will know not only how to respond to children knocking down a block tower, but to children who want to wear sparkly skirts as well.

-- Leslie Roffman, founder and former director of The Little School, and author of Including One, Including All: A Guide to Relationship-Based Early Childhood Inclusion

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